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A collection of free design tools to create unique backgrounds, patterns, shapes, images, and more with just a few clicks
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Image for Background generator tool
Background generator

Create beautiful unique backgrounds

Image for Pattern generator tool
Pattern generator

Create beautiful patterns using tile design system

Image for Blob generator tool
Blob generator

Generate beautiful blobs for projects

Image for Gradient generator tool
Gradient generator

Generate beautiful gradients images

Image for Color generator tool
Color generator

Generate beautiful color pallets

Image for Shades generator tool
Shades generator

Create shades of colors between two colors

Image for CSS backgrounds tool
CSS backgrounds

100+ css pattern backgrounds

Image for CSS patterns tool
CSS patterns

Geometric patterns using CSS

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Never run out of unique designs

Generate unique backgrounds, patterns, blobs, gradients, color palettes, and more with just a few clicks. Make your projects stand out.

All your design tools at one place

A collection of a wide variety of tools to make patterns, test color combinations and generate backgrounds, blobs, gradients, and shades all in one place

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Customize feature image

Customise your designs

Add amazing pre-designed elements to make unique patterns, add your colors and choose from multiple settings within each tool to make your design unique.

Export multiple formats

Create designs and export them in multiple formats including PNG, JPEG, and SVG.

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Hey, I'm Dilpreet, the maker of Super Designer. I'm building simple design tools to make designing fun for everyone

This is my passion project so, I will create new design tools every few weeks, get updates about new tools & follow the jouney on twitter.
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